Dad’s are dope: the perfect present for your dad

Looking for the perfect gift for your dad? Look no further! We’ve got something for every kind of dad, from high-tech, customizable gadgets to high-quality, old-school accessories. No matter what kind of stoner he is, you’ll find something here that your dad will love and he’ll be thanking you every time he enjoys a perfect sesh with his new gear. 

  1. Newport T506 Torch Lighter 

Is your dad a real hands-on, hard-workin’ kinda dad who loves to build stuff and collect power tools? If so, this is the perfect gift for him. Newport makes torch lighters for jewelry-making, glazing food, bubbling acrylic on canvas, camping, you name it. It’s not just a lighter, it gives a highly powerful, precision flame. This specific model is powered down slightly to prevent you from burning your brows off, but what dad doesn’t love bragging about the ridiculous and unnecessary features of their tools? This high-powered torch will allow him to unlock new levels of dope for every sesh. Plus it looks cool (sunglasses emoji). You can purchase this lighter here.

  1. Zen Roller

Give your dad the gift of time this year. No more rolling his own joints by hand, this roller will save him all kinds of time so he can get back to what he really enjoys, smoking the joints! Zen uses high quality aprons that won’t stretch or rip the paper, rolling a perfect joint every time. They’re also earth-friendly polystyrene so your nature-loving stoner dad can enjoy his new roller guilt free (smile) You can check out this product here.

  1. Red Eye Tek Terminator Bubbler 

I mean come on, it’s called the terminator. This bubbler is the perfect combination of compact convenience, smooth smokin’, and display-worthy design. If your dad favours flower and smokes often, this piece will quickly become his go-to for seshing at home or on the go. You can purchase the Terminator Bubbler here.

  1. GEAR Premium 12’ Beaker Tuxedo

This is a classy piece of glass. Simple, sleak, and sophisticated; these 100% borosilicate bongs are as beautiful as they are functional. This is the perfect gift for a stoner dad who also enjoys a glass of scotch and a smooth record. You can check out this product here

  1. Red Eye Glass Hole Perc Mini Rig

For the dopest of dads who love to dab, we recommend this small but mighty mini rig. Aside from looking cool, this cutie comes with a drop down joint built in and a 3 hole perc, ensuring the richest flavours and smoothest tokes. It also comes in a delightful selection of colors, so you can get him a personalized piece that’ll definitely become his new favourite. You can check out this product here.

  1. iRie Aquatex Ball Rig W/Mushroom Marble Rig

This beauty is perfect for your serious stoner dad. It features a mushroom marble, precision cut perc, and a quartz banger. This piece probably won’t leave the house but after he opens it, neither will your dad! You can purchase this product here

  1. RYOT Walnut Dugout

Maybe your dad started smoking weed back in the 70s and he likes to keep it simple and old-school. Maybe he’s the type of guy to talk about the quality of wood used in a table. If any of that sounds like your dad, a classic, timeless one-hitter is the right gift for him. Plus the RYOT patented lid prevents spills and keeps the smell in, so he can pop it in his pocket worry-free. You can purchase this product here

  1. YOCAN Regen Vaporizer Black

This is like the swiss army knife of dab pens, making it the perfect Father’s Day gift. It comes fully-equipped with a built-in wax concentrate container and a hanging ring so your dad can clip it to his belt or bag and be good to go! It has three temperature levels so he can customize his sesh to find the right balance of flavour and vapor. It also comes with two different coils: the Quartz Tri Coil which heats up faster or the Quartz Dual Coil which gives the iconic Yocan flavour vapour combo. And of course, the clean and classic design makes it perfect for a high-performance, no-frills kinda guy. You can order this product here.

  1. Puffco Plus V2.0 Rainbow

For those dads who like a little more color in their lives, this high-quality Puffco pen is now available in a fun rainbow color palette! It’s a pricier piece than the Yocan, but it’s got the features to justify the price. The mouthpiece combines a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap all in one, making it easy for your dad to clean and load the pen. It also uses a pressure-sealed bowl instead of a coil, heating the oil evenly and providing a purer flavour. It also comes with three heat settings and a special ‘sesh-mode’; 12 seconds of continuous heat when you double-tap the button, rather than having to hold it. Your dad will love showing off this flashy new gadget. You can purchase this product here

  1. Red Eye Glass Large Sherlock Pipe

This beautiful piece of glass is simple, functional, and comes in a fun array of colors! It’s the perfect gift for your dad who’s just getting into smoking, likes to keep it old-school, or collects cool pipes. It’s a timeless and functional design that’s a good fit for anybody. You can check out this product here.

All of these featured items will be available at the Jima Abbotsford location after the Grand Opening July 1st, so if you see something you’d like to buy for yourself after Father’s Day feel free to swing by!

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