Friday Flicks: the best of the Oscar runner-ups

It’s pretty tough to win an Oscar. Even the movies that don’t win are pretty incredible! There are so many must-see movies that just don’t quite make the cut and so we’re going to highlight some of those here. These movies may not have won over the hearts of the most critics or executed the absolute best technical artistry, but they’re impressive and enjoyable classics nonetheless that will provide all the entertainment you need for a Friday movie night, with something for everyone. After all, they were nominated for Best Picture! Of course, no movie night is complete without special snacks and your vape, bong, joint, CBD/THC infused beverage, or all of the above! Whatever your favourite Friday sesh essentials are, we will even recommend a strain for each film to help you best enjoy the show. So here you have it, a selection of movies that did not win, from most to least recent:

Jojo Rabbit (2019) by Director Taika Waititi

Jojo Rabbit is really two movies in one. It’s a light-hearted and hilarious feel-good comedy that portrays Hitler and the Nazis as ridiculous buffoons but it’s also a tragic representation of Nazi germany and ruthless attack against bigotry and fanaticism. It tells the story of a young Hitler Youth who discovers and befriends a Jewish girl his mom is hiding in their home. The movie has a strong message: there is no ‘us’ and ‘them’, only humans, and anything to the contrary is a ridiculous lie. However, it truly does earn the title of ‘feel-good’ movie thanks to Waititi, who both directs the film and plays the main character’s imaginary friend, Hitler. With particularly hilarious performances by Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson, and Stephen Merchant, this film shows the dark reality if the Nazi regime while managing to have you burst into laughter before you have a chance to cry. For this movie we recommend Clemenberry, a sativa heavy hybrid that gives a giggly and energetic high with a citrus taste and moderate strength.

The Favourite (2018) by Director Yorgos Lanthimos

If you liked The Crown, you’ll probably hate this movie. It’s a period piece set in 18th-century England about a sickly Queen Anne whose affections are won over by a new maid who’s recently fallen from her aristocratic roots. All of that sounds a lot like The Crown, but the elements that aren’t captured by a pure description of the plot include the absurd satire, witty humour, and absolute deviation from the traditional sequence of a period-piece film. The acting performances by Olivia Colman (Queen Anne), Rachel Weisz (Lady Sarah), and Emma Stone (Abigail, aka ‘the favourite’) and their skillful delivery of a script that teeters between drama and comedy is what makes this movie a must-watch. This film is truly one-of-a-kind and, despite the complex power struggles, makes for a very easy watch. For this film we recommend Ice Cream Kush, an award-winning hybrid that gives a giggly, relaxed, and focused high with vanilla and pine flavours and moderate strength so you can enjoy the humour while still following the interpersonal dynamics of the film. 

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) by Director George Miller

It’s very, very hard to go wrong with 2 hours of Victoria’s Secret models and explosions, but this movie accomplishes something that the Transformers movies do not. It’s like a chaotic orchestra of rock-and-roll, action, sacrifice, and sex appeal. It brings you into a world of anarchy, few resources, and extremely entertaining ritual. Your confusion as an observer is intentional as the film takes you on a journey alongside the characters. All you know is the end goal and all there is to do about it is keep going; as fast as you can. This film is pure entertainment. You might not be thinking about it for hours and days after, but you won’t take your eyes off the screen for the whole 2 hours. For this movie we recommend LA Kush Cake, a hybrid that gives an energetic and euphoric high with earthy flavours to match the tone of the film and a strong potency to amplify the experience.

Up (2009) by Directors Pete Docter and Bob Peterson

WARNING! This movie will make you cry. But don’t worry, it’ll rebuild your broken heart by the end. An elderly man embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, accidentally bringing along a young ‘wilderness scout’ for the ride. It’s a classic tale of unlikely companions on a grand adventure, but it’s like nothing that’s been done before. Absolutely adorable, hilarious, engaging from start to finish, and fun for the whole family, this movie is an undeniable must-watch. For this movie we recommend Rainbow Mints, an Indica that gives a giggly and euphoric high perfect for this uplifting film with flowery flavours and a moderate effect (it is a kid’s movie after all 😂). 

Juno (2007) by Director Jason Reitman

A not-so-typical coming of age story, this movie tells the story of an endearingly awkward high-school couple who wind up with an unwanted pregnancy. There could not have been a more perfect casting for the main characters of this film than Michael Cera and Elliot Page. Their adolescent relationship is written with hilarious accuracy and executed with an incredibly believable naivety. This one will have you laughing for days and the heart-warming indie soundtrack will likely make it onto your Sunday drive playlist. For this film we recommend UK Cheese, a hybrid that gives a relaxed and euphoric high perfect for this casual watching comedy romance and cheesy flavours that will be well-complemented by some movie night pizza. 

The Sixth Sense (1999) by Director M. Night Shyamalan

If you’re into thrillers you’ve probably already seen this movie because it is an absolute classic. Let’s just say it’ll make you look at the toddlers in your life differently after watching child psychologist Malcom Crowe (Bruce Willis) attempt to understand a young boy (Haley Joel Osment) who, as it turns out, can see dead people. The movie works so well because Osment is able to deliver an incredibly believable performance, especially for a child actor. Some say it is the best performance by a child actor, ever! The fear in his eyes will stick with you for days and the surprising end will have you running circles in your mind. This movie will leave you thoroughly spooked, but not traumatized like a gory horror film does, so don’t be too scared if you’re not a big fan of blood. For this one we recommend Pedro’s Sweet Sativa, a Canadian-bred, sativa-heavy hybrid that’ll induce the creativity and focus you’ll want to follow this film with a mild high perfect for a scary movie. 

We hope you enjoy our selection! Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if any of our Friday Flicks made it into your movie night, and stay tuned for more recommendations every other Friday on our blog 😊.

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